Artist Statement

Trained as a graphic designer in the early sixties, how I compose an image, a page or screen has always guided my creative work.  Since retiring from media administration at Cornell University, I've pursued several thematic areas:  abstracts, botanicals and landscapes.  Work in each of those areas is strongly influenced by color, early morning and evening light and the weather. The abstract work is based on in-camera movement and post-processing options; the botanical images are predominately from my own garden.  My landscapes focus on mood or intimate versions of the location rather than the familiar. 

It would be difficult for me to pursue a single theme or become so caught up in the technical aspects of photography that they become most important.  I am singularly interested in what an image can become. 

For inspiration, there are several places that I return to again and again - my own garden, Acadia National Park and the Maine Coast and woods of the northeast.  In those places, the opportunity to explore beyond the obvious and the iconic, is the goal.